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Caryn Seniscal's Testimonials

Neck problems

"I have suffered intractable neck problems caused by rear-end automobile collisions on three separate occasions. I was unable to turn my head fully from side to side. After years of unsuccessful treatment by other therapists, I was fortunate to come across Caryn. I now seldom experience pain and stiffness in my neck and I am able to parallel park my car with ease. I never thought that I would ever experience relief in an area that has plagued me for over 30 years "


- Rod W.

Facilitation of post-surgical recovery

"Recently I have undergone open heart surgery where I received a triple bypass procedure. My recovery from this operation has been greatly facilitated by treatment with Caryn. I experienced much discomfort in the area of the chest incision as well as in my left leg region where incisions were made to extract the saphenous vein. Caryn reduced the swelling in my left leg so I can exercise easier and she released the tension and restriction in my chest and all around the scar. I was all bent over and now I can straighten up and walk normally."

- Rick K.

Head trauma

"I had almost given up when I was referred to Caryn. I had been in chronic pain from a head trauma and whiplash caused by a motor vehicle accident a number of years ago. I was unable to find relief even though I have seen medical specialists and tried alternative forms of therapy. My treatments with Caryn have made a dramatic difference! The intensity of the pain is greatly reduced and I’m starting to do things again in my life that I haven’t done in years. I feel like I’ve found myself again and I have my life back! "

- Patti L.

Shoulder and knee injury

"Caryn skillfully assessed and treated a soft tissue injury I had sustained to my shoulder. Her treatments alleviated the pain which had been very intense and ever increasing.  She offered advice about exercises and gave me guidance about improving my posture. My only regret is that I had not been aware of Caryn’s osteopathic treatments sooner following my initial injury. "

- Kim M.

Deirdre's Testimonials

“If it weren’t for Deirdre and her magic hands I wouldn’t be as mobile as I am.  I have scoliosis, degenerative discs, spondylolisthesis, and the list goes on.  I had never heard of osteopathy until the physiotherapist I had been seeing for 3 years started taking the course and was so impressed with it he sent me to Deirdre and said “If anyone can help you it’s Deirdre Byrne.”

- Joanne C.


“My first visit to Deirdre Byrne was for sleeping difficulties due to arthritic pain in my hips.  I was a candidate for a hip replacement at the age of 43, and was taking prescription pain medication to get through day to day activities.  After 2 seesions with Deirdre using a combination of Gunns IMS, osteopathy and physical therapy techniques, I discontinued the pain medications.  My sleeping improved and I resumed downhill skiing and regular workouts.  I became a regular patient of Deirdre’s and delayed a hip replacement for 6 years.  New technological advances allowed me to get a hip resurfacing procedure which preserves more bone and allows for a normal replacement when it ultimately wears out (15-25 years).  Thanks to Deirdre, my quality of life improved and I delayed a major joint replacement until better options were invented, tested and proven.”

- Kyle H.


“After years of knee problems and visits to physiotherapists and specialists, I was on a waiting list for a knee arthroscopy when a friend referred me to Deirdre.  After 2 visits with Deirdre I received a call from the orthopaedic surgeon with a surgery date for the following week.  After waiting so long for that call I was surprised to find myself tell them I had found someone I believed was going to be able to help me and I wanted to postpone the arthroscopy.  I never did call back to reschedule.  I am profoundly grateful to have found someone of Deirdre’s calibre.  Her knowledge, skills and genuine caring manner have helped me tremendously over the last number of years and not only with my knee.  With enthusiasm and total confidence I refer people to Deirdre at every opportunity.”

- Margaret P.


"Deirdre Byrne has saved the quality of my life!  Until I found Deirdre I couldn’t walk for more than a block without hobbling.  I went to doctors for years and no one could tell me what was wrong.  Deirdre realised things were out of alignment and with her osteopathic treatments I can now walk for miles.  I also have major sinus headaches.  Her craniosacral treatments are the only treatment that has worked for my sinus problems.  Amazing!”

- Kelly J.

Donna's Testimonials

“After trying myriad conventional and alternative treatments over the last 3 years for relief of chronic pain I found Donna, thanks to the recommendation of one of my yoga students. After my first two appointments with Donna, I kept having to cancel and reschedule my third, due to the fact that I had no pain. I have never experienced such marked and lasting results with any other modality or practitioner.

Now I see Donna only for maintenance. The intense, worsening chronic pain I was living with is virtually gone. I highly recommend Donna’s Osteopathic approach to treatment.”

- Angie I.

“As a practitioner Donna truly has a gift. I first went to her because I was having back problems from a car accident and old trauma. I had never had an Osteopathic treatment before and did not know what to expect. I experienced slight improvement after my first visit. By the fourth visit my back significantly improved and I was convinced that Donna would become a permanent practitioner in my life. I have recommended Donna and her Osteopathic approach to treatment to many of my friends. I now see Donna for maintenance and general well being.”

- Sharon C.

Laura's Testimonials

"My daughter was unsettled-she wouldn’t sleep, she was a fussy eater, and she was showing signs of colic. Our paediatrician referred us to see Laura, who was fantastic. I hadn’t heard of osteopathy, but I found Laura was very gentle with her osteopathic treatment, and was informative about what our daughter was going through. She saw her three times, and has transformed her into a delightful baby daughter. I have recommended all my mother’s group bring their babies to see Laura, for general check ups or if they are experiencing problems.


"My first two pregnancies were a piece of cake, but the wheels fell off early in my third pregnancy! I had a sore back, aching hips and sharp pains in my groin, and I was over it before I even got to the third trimester. My midwife sent me to see Laura, who helped my body adapt to the changes occurring and made the process more comfortable for me. I was reassured by Laura’s knowledge of pregnancy, and the way she dealt with a hormonal pregnant lady and two screaming toddlers in her room! I highly recommend Laura for all other pregnant ladies!"


"I had a lower back injury from sport that seemed to return every couple of months. It was hindering my progress in my sport, and I was tired of getting it fixed…then having it come back again days later. A teammate of mine recommended I see Laura, who listened to the history of the problem and assessed it thoroughly.  Her hands on approach to treatment was effective, and her knowledge into sport mechanics and the effect they have on the body meant my lower back pain was gone within a few treatments. Laura also gave me a home management program for my lower back, which I’ve followed since. I now have no excuses not to excel in my sport, and my coaches recommend Laura for sports injuries in our club."


"My medicine cabinet was overflowing with medication that was being prescribed for my arthritis and lupus. I was looking for an alternative to the drugs when my daughter suggested I visit Laura, an osteopath. I was concerned there would be nothing she could do for me because of my age, which was what everyone else had told me. However, Laura has helped me in more ways than one, and I’ve been able to reduce my medication significantly since seeing her! I now see Laura occasionally on a maintenance basis, and recommend her to all my friends."


- Sharon C.

Ian's Testimonials

"I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Ian over the years from our time at Stanford University. I have been plagued with constant lower back problems and most recently, after competing in this year’s French open, I threw my back out again. Ian was able to assess and treat my back pain exceptionally well, allowing me to get back on court to compete in London a week later. Without his commitment and help, I would have been forced to end my trip early and withdraw from AEGON Championship & Wimbledon 2014"

– Bradley Klahn, ATP tour player & 2010 NCAA Singles Champion

"I worked with Ian as a therapist while I was preparing for the 2012 Olympics at Stanford. I was very impressed not only with his therapy skills, but also his passion for understanding our sport, our injuries and our needs in order to help me train at the highest level. His work with me during my most physically demanding training cycles was invaluable. He clearly understands the balance between training and recovery"

-Matt Gentry , 2008 & 2012 Olympic Wrestler, 5th in London Olympics, Undefeated 2004 NCAA Champion

"When Ian came to Stanford, I was struggling a lot with a bad ankle sprain. I needed to go through lots of therapy to get back on the field as soon as possible. Ian greatly expedited this frustrating process and I was able to have an extremely successful season, which would eventually help me get drafted in the first round of the MLS draft to the San Jose Earthquakes"

– JJ Koval, San Jose Earthquakes

"Thanks Ian for all your help! You were an integral part in maintaining my health throughout the season and your knowledge and experience was invaluable!"

- Shona Morgan , 2008 Olympic Gymnast, Australian National Championships silver medalist

I have been working with Ian for the last year, his depth of knowledge and understanding of rehab and prevention is outstanding. After suffering a compound fracture of my Right Elbow in 2009 I was left with 50% flexion. After my final surgery in 2013 I was told by surgeons and other osteopaths I would not regain more than 40 degrees of extension, Ian alone has kept my sporting career alive and we have regained 15% extension which has allowed me to re-enter professional sport. Unlike many other Osteopaths and Physiotherapists, Ian is also very invested in preventing further injury and has spent time working on strategies to strengthen my core so I can become a stronger athlete. Ian uses a vast array of techniques to attack my problems from every angle. Investing in Ian was the best move I have made in my career."

- George Toohey, MSc, BSc (Hons) -Strength and Conditioning Coach /

Professional Muay Thai / K1 Kick Boxer and MMA athlete

Johannes' Testimonials

" I’m very please with Johannes approach.  His gentle mobilisations improved my shoulder mobility and got rid of pain. He is very professional 
and gives me excellent advice on how to use my body and work effiiciently."

Peter M/48/carpenter

"I first tried osteopathy as a teenager when I was involved in lots of sports.  I've now moved to Vancouver and discovered Joahnnes who takes very good care of me and helps my body stay well balanced for trail running.  Johannes helped me to recover from a sprained ankle which was causing lower back pain while running.  I highly recommend him!"

Thomas P/24/trail runner


"I've got arthritis in my right knee and and have had chronic low back pain for 5 years. I didn’t want to have  surgery so I tried osteopathy with Johannes one year ago.  He relieved the pain in my back and even though I still have arthritis in my knee--he has helped it so much, I almost forgot about it."

Marie S/80/trail retired



"I had my first child 2 months ago, I heard that it would be a good idea to have him checked by an osteopath because the first baby is at risk of having a physical asymmetry from the intra-utero position and labour.  I went to see Johannes and indeed my son's cranium had an asymmetry and he had difficulty turning his head.  After seeing Johannes 3 times my son could turn his head right and left easily.  I will continue to have Johannes check my baby's developement."

Sarah L/30/new mother

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"I had been in chronic pain from a head trauma and whiplash. After seeing Caryn, I’m starting to do things again that I haven’t done in years. I feel like I have my life back."

- Patti L.

“If it weren’t for Deirdre and her magic hands I wouldn’t be as mobile as I am….If anyone can help you it’s [her].”

- Joanne C.

Did you know?

Osteopathic practitioners in Canada study for 5 years and then must complete a thesis which usually takes at least another 2 years.

Osteopathic practitioners develop very sensitive palpation skills that enable them to detect the subtleties of disturbed tissue or rhythms in the body.